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Free Fire cards 🃏: Level, Name Change, Points

All Free Fire Cards and Their Uses

Within Free Fire, a variety of cards provide benefits to enhance your gaming experience. These cards can help level up your character, earn more points, change your in-game name, acquire accessories, and more. Let’s explore the different cards available in Free Fire:

🟢 Level Cards


As the name suggests, these cards aim to increase the level of your characters. It’s important to note that while these cards claim to raise character levels, they actually boost places and skills. Acquire them through direct store purchases, wheel spins, or participating in events.

✔️ Level 4 Card:

– Blue card that elevates your character’s diary by 4 places, unlocking corresponding skills and rewards.

✔️ Level 6 Card:

– Purple card, more expensive than the level 4, raises your character’s diary by 6 places, unlocking associated rewards.

✔️ Level 8 Card:

– Gold card that maximizes the number of places for your chosen character. Rare and available through special events in the game.

🟢 Name Change Card

This card allows you to change your character’s name in Free Fire. While you can change your name without this card by spending 800 diamonds, using the card is more cost-effective.

✔️ How to Get Name Change Cards?

  • Obtain it in the store’s ‘redeem’ area, specifically in the ‘clan token’ section.
  • Join a clan, accumulate at least 200 ‘honor points,’ and have 79 diamonds.
  • Claim name change cards through periodic events held by Garena. Stay updated on social networks or regularly log in to participate.

🟢Point Cards

These cards are related to in-game points, allowing you to earn more or avoid losing points.

✔️ Double Points Card:

  • Multiplies points earned in a game by 2.
  • Useful for rapidly increasing your level and rank if you finish among the top positions in a game.
  • Only used when gaining points, not when losing.

Utilize these cards strategically to enhance your Free Fire experience and achieve success in the game.

✔️ Anti Lost Points Card:

– Helps avoid losing points in qualifiers, protecting your rank after a low-ranking game.
– Acquire during various events held by Free Fire by logging in on specific dates.

🟢 Item Cards for 7 Days

🕒 Within Free Fire, discover useful item cards available for a limited time of 7 days:

✔️ Campfire Card:

Place a bonfire during the game to recover a portion of life for you and your teammates.

✔️ Card Scanner:

  • Use at the beginning of the game to locate enemies on the map.
  • Reveal the position of players who haven’t jumped while on the plane.

✔️ Airdrop Card:

  • Summon an Airdrop during the game, providing powerful items for your advantage.
  • Activate after a set time, choose the landing spot, and receive the Airdrop.

✔️ Treasury Token Card:

  • Get a box of items after eliminating an opponent, providing a quick advantage.
  • Usable once per game.

✔️ Supply Map Card:

  • Reveals the location of a “supply chest” before landing, offering excellent loot.
  • Plan a strategic landing point for quick and advantageous equipment gathering.

🔝 Bonus Cards

🔝 Bonus cards grant various in-game benefits while active, including increased experience or gold. Obtain them through in-game purchases or events.

✔️ Experience Card:

  • Doubles experience gained in each game, facilitating faster leveling up and ranking advancement.
  • Available in the in-game store or obtained through events, incubator, or diamond roulette for a limited time.

✔️ Gold Cards:

  • Increases the amount of gold obtained at the end of each Free Fire game.
  • Acquire through in-game store purchases or events, with a temporary duration.

Utilize these cards strategically to enhance your gameplay, gain advantages, and progress quickly within Free Fire.