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Free Fire LEVELS ⭐: How to Level Up Tips and Tricks

What does the level consist of in Free Fire

The levels of Free Fire (EXAMPLE: Level 1, 2, 10, 50) are used so that you can access different features of the game, such as, for example, the normal Qualifier mode and Qualifier in Squad Duel. To raise a level it is essential that you accumulate experience, which is obtained by playing games. Although to earn an adequate number of EXP it is essential that you finish at the top and perform some kills.

After reaching a level, you will get different prizes according to your position. That is, the higher level you have, the better the rewards will be.

🎖️ How to Level Up in Free Fire Fast

When you start playing Free Fire, it will be too easy to level up since you won’t have to accumulate many EXP. However, after certain levels, that will start to get more complicated.

For that reason, here are some tips to level up quickly in Free Fire:

  • Play games, since it is the best way to increase levels, since this way you will get more experience. Of course, it is recommended that you always finish in the top 10 to acquire more EXP.
  • Perform more kills and headshots, as they will give you more EXP.
  • Use experience cards to earn double EXP during each match. Although the negative point is that most of the time you will have to use diamonds to acquire them.

🎖️ Difference Between Level and Rank in Free Fire

Many players often confuse levels with ranks, as they are two quite similar terms. However, there are big differences between the two.

The main difference is that you can only raise levels once, while ranks have a specific period of time, so they are always renewed at the start of a new season. In addition to this, as you level up, it will be more difficult to reach the next one, since you will have to accumulate more experience.

In general, ranks are more important than levels, since the former are obtained based on your performance during the games.

Other Questions About Levels

Below we answer other questions related to Free Fire levels:

🎖️ Level Required To Play Ranking In Free Fire

To play Ranked it is essential that you reach level 5. Fortunately, that is very easy to do, since you only have to play a few games to obtain the necessary experience. However, if you do not have your account linked, you must reach level 12 to be able to enjoy Ranked mode.

🎖️ Level Required to Play Squad Duel (Normal and Qualifying)

You can play the normal Squad Duel mode without having to have reached a specific level. For that reason, it is ideal if you are just starting out. On the other hand, to be able to play Squad Duel in Ranked you need to reach level 5. If you do not have your account linked, then you will have to reach level 12.