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How to change the nickname in freefire?✏️

In the realm of video games, our name is a fundamental part of our identity. However, there are instances where we may have misspelled our name or simply outgrown it, prompting a desire for change. In Free Fire, modifying your name comes with a cost of 390 diamonds, which translates to real money. Understandably, players often seek alternative means.

Enter the Name Change Card, a valuable item designed precisely for this purpose. Acquiring this item can be a cost-free endeavor by accumulating season points in the ongoing Free Fire Regional Battle Season. As of now, Regional Battle Season 7 has kicked off, and one of its attractive free rewards happens to be the coveted Name Change Card.

So, how do you change your nickname for free in Free Fire using the Name Change Card? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Navigate to the Events tab within the game.
  • Choose your region for Regional Battle Season 7.
  • Accumulate 10,000 season points by actively participating in games.
  • Obtain the Name Change Card as one of the rewards.

how to change my nickname in free fire?

(This information comes from the official garena site)

Changing Your Free Fire Nickname – Step by Step

1. Access the Profile:
– Navigate to your profile within the Free Fire game.

2. In Gallery, Click on Your Nickname:
– Head to the Gallery section and locate your current nickname.

3. Enter the New Nickname and Pay the Diamonds(800):
– Once you’ve found your nickname, proceed to enter the new desired nickname.
– Pay the required amount of diamonds for the name change.

By following these steps, you can efficiently change your Free Fire nickname, whether by utilizing diamonds or taking advantage of the Name Change Card for a cost-free alteration.