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What pet to choose in Free Fire 2024? Pet Guide

What is the best pet in Free Fire?💥

This generally depends on your type and style of play, but generally there are certain pets that the community says are the best.

The best pets for 2024

Falco | Free Fire pet.

Beaston | Free Fire pet.

Ottero | Free Fire pet.

Rockie | Free Fire pet.

Mr. Waggor | Free Fire pet.

🐶 What are free fire pets for?

Free Fire pets will give you unique characteristics so that your character can survive on the battlefield.

Each pet has a special ability that will give you different advantages. For that reason, it is important that you choose one according to your playing style.

How to Raise My Free Fire Pet’s Level Fast?

The easiest and fastest way to raise your pet’s level is by playing games and participating in the various Free Fire events.

In this way, the game will give you free food with which you can increase your pet’s “experience” and therefore raise its level.