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🎗️ Free Fire RANKS 🎖️: ALL NECESSARY POINTS and leagues

🏆 What Are Ranks In Free Fire and What Are They For?

Free Fire features ranking divisions within the qualifying mode. To unlock access to these divisions, reaching level 5 is a prerequisite.

Free Fire utilizes leagues to assess the skill level of each player. This ensures that newcomers are matched with users in the same category during their initial stages. The qualifying mode comprises seven leagues, starting with bronze and concluding with Grand Master, the most coveted yet challenging category to attain. At the conclusion of each season, players receive varying rewards based on their league category.

Points Needed To Rank Up In Free Fire

Advancing through the leagues requires accumulating Rank Points (RP) throughout the season. The more points a player amasses, the higher the league they can attain.

The specific points needed to access each Free Fire league can vary, but generally, they depend on a player’s performance in ranked matches. Factors such as kills, placements in the top 3, and other gameplay aspects contribute to earning Rank Points. The exact point thresholds for each league may be subject to change with updates, so it’s advisable to check the latest in-game information or community resources for the most accurate details.

What are the points needed to access each Free Fire league?


Bronze serves as the initial rank in Free Fire and is further divided into Bronze I, Bronze II, and Bronze III. Achieving level 5 is a prerequisite for accessing this league.

Within the Bronze league, players have the opportunity to acquire rewards such as coins, tokens, and more, contingent upon the points amassed throughout the season. Bronze encompasses a points range between 1000 and 1299, determining the specific rewards a player can obtain within this category.


Silver stands as the second league in Free Fire, often considered less prominent. It comprises Silver I, Silver II, and Silver III divisions.

Attaining the Silver rank unlocks rewards such as coins, tokens, treasure maps, airdrops, scanners, a bonfire, and an emblem. To reach this league, players need to accumulate a minimum of 1300 points.


Gold represents the third league in Free Fire and is generally more competitive compared to the preceding two. It is further categorized into Gold I, Gold II, Gold III, and Gold IV.

How to Reach Gold I, II, III, or IV:
– Achieving Gold I necessitates surpassing 1600 points.
– Attaining Gold II requires reaching 1725 PR.
– Securing Gold III is possible after hitting the 1850 PR milestone.
– Accessing Gold IV is granted upon reaching 1975 points.



Platinum constitutes the fourth tier in Free Fire, comprising Platinum I, Platinum II, Platinum III, and Platinum IV.

In this category, players can acquire various rewards, with notable items such as coins, tokens, and airdrops.

How to Progress to Platinum 1, 2, 3, or 4:
– Platinum I: Achieve 2100 points.
– Platinum II: Reach 2225 points.
– Platinum III: Attain 2350 points.
– Platinum IV: Secure 2475 points.

Selecting a suitable character is crucial for maintaining this category while simultaneously aiming to advance to Diamond.


The Diamond tier is widely regarded as one of the most challenging to attain, and maintaining this rank is equally demanding.

Diamond rewards include 3,000 coins for each level, along with tokens, bonfires, treasure maps, and a special emblem.

How to Progress to Diamond 1, 2, 3, or 4:
– Diamond I: Attain 2600 points.
– Diamond II: Reach 2750 points.
– Diamond III: Achieve 2900 points.
– Diamond IV: Secure 3050 points.

Emphasizing a sound strategy is crucial for reaching Diamond and aspiring to attain the prestigious Heroic rank.


Heroic stands as the pinnacle of competitiveness in Free Fire, and surpassing 3200 points is essential to access this elite league.

The paramount rewards for achieving Heroic status include 5,000 coins, 750 tokens, a Heroic jacket, a Heroic wallpaper, and a distinguished Heroic emblem. Attaining this rank signifies a remarkable accomplishment within the Free Fire community.

How to Get the Heroic Helmet in Free Fire?

The Heroic helmet is available for exchange at a cost of 7,500 tokens. However, acquiring it requires holding the esteemed Heroic rank, and its use is restricted to the duration of one’s stay within that category.

It’s important to note that attempting to use the Heroic helmet outside of the Heroic rank may involve exploiting bugs. Such practices are strongly discouraged as they not only compromise the gaming experience but also carry a high risk of being subject to bans due to violations of fair play and integrity within the game. It is advisable to play and enjoy the game within the intended parameters to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all players.

🎖️Great master

The Grandmaster rank represents the ultimate achievement in Free Fire, and it is indeed a rare privilege granted to only a select few players.

The rewards for attaining Grandmaster include an exclusive Grandmaster wallpaper and emblem, available for a limited period of 60 days following the achievement.

Points Needed to Reach Grandmaster:
There is no fixed number of points to reach Grandmaster. Securing the Grandmaster rank requires being among the top 300 Heroics in the region with the highest points. Consequently, the threshold for Grandmaster continually changes and increases day by day.

How to Achieve Grandmaster in Free Fire:
Attaining Grandmaster demands not only exceptional skill but also a dedicated commitment to playing consistently from the early hours of the season. This exclusive rank is reserved for a limited number of players, specifically the top 300 individuals per region.