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SIGHTS In Free Fire: Types, Differences, Advantages and Disadvantages

Game Weapon Sights

Free Fire weapon sights allow you to improve accuracy when shooting, do damage at greater distances and have greater vision of the battlefield and, in this way, increase the number of kills performed during each game.

They are used in medium and long-range weapons to increase aim and do more damage. Furthermore, each one has different characteristics, so it is essential to know them to succeed in each of the confrontations.

🔥Red Dot Sight

The red dot sight is built into all weapons and does not provide any notable advantages on the battlefield, except that a red dot will appear when aiming. It is advisable to use it when starting the games, but as time progresses, it is best to purchase another scope.

🔥 x2 Scope look for 2 (two) of free fire

As its name indicates, it is a sight that multiplies the range of the weapons by two compared to the traditional sight. The main advantage of the x 2 scope is that it is located in different areas of the map. Additionally, it can be added to most weapons.

🔥 x4 Scope/ look for 4 (four) of free fire

The x 4 sight stands out for being better than the previous ones, since it has excellent precision at long distances. That way, it will be easier to take headshots. Still, the problem is that it is not as common a scope as the x 2, so it is necessary to do a good search to find one.

🔥 Thermal

Free fire thermal sight. The thermal sight has the ability to detect body heat, which is why it highlights opponents in red and yellow. This is a great advantage over other sights. Although, it is not as accurate and does not surpass the 4x scope. Its negative point is that it is sometimes difficult to find it, since there are few units on the map.

🔑What’s Precise In Mira?

Precise Aim is a setting that works to shoot exactly where we are aiming without assistance from the game. For that reason, it is the recommended scope for experienced players who have already played many games, who have mastered long-distance shooting, and who have a good-sized screen.

The precision in sight is not recommended for small screens.

🔑What is Mira By Default?

As its name indicates, it is the default crosshair of the game. That means that it will be the initial configuration for all those who are starting to play.

🔑What is Total Control?

Full Control is the setting in which there is no aiming assistance. That is, it is a completely manual type of scope. However, the problem is that it can be difficult to handle at close range, since it is essential to be agile to eliminate enemies.

Many players think that it is a configuration exclusive to professionals; but, in reality, the truth is that anyone can use it, since it is just a matter of practicing and adapting to it. Although, the truth is that it is not so advisable to use total control…

📑Differences between Precise in Look and Defect

Precise in sight and default are two configurations that are quite similar; however, there are some differences. The main difference between these two sights is that precise gives greater freedom when aiming, while default is a fully automatic sight.

🔒 Play Precisely On Mira Or Default?

The ideal is to play with the type of scope that best suits the style of play, since each one offers different advantages, but also disadvantages.

Even so, by default it is the configuration indicated for people who are starting out, since, in this way, they will be able to adapt to the gameplay of Free Fire.