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Free Fire WEAPONS 🏹: Everything and MOST IMPORTANT

Free Fire Weapons Guide: Choosing the Right Arsenal

Free Fire stands out for its diverse range of weapons, each serving a specific purpose. The best free fire weapons understanding the characteristics of each weapon is crucial for tailoring your arsenal to your playing style. Let’s explore the various types of weapons:

🎮 Assault Rifles (AR)

  • Assault Rifles are widely used in Free Fire, effective at medium and long distances.
  • Ammo availability is high, making them a practical choice.


  • Similar to the AK with better accuracy but produces more noise.
  • Effective in medium-range engagements, compatible with various accessories.


  • Excellent at medium distance with a 60-bullet magazine.
  • Acceptable damage, but precision is not ideal for long-range encounters.


  • Fires 3 bullets simultaneously, ideal for medium-distance confrontations.
  • High rate of fire, but low magazine capacity (30 bullets).


  • Automatic sniper rifle with high damage, obtained through supplies and AirDrops.
  • 4x scope for precision at long distances, adjustable with accessories.


  • Versatile rifle for short, medium, or long-range use.
  • Balanced in damage, rate of fire, accuracy, and movement speed.


  • Causes significant damage and has good range.
  • Not recommended for beginners due to difficulty in control.
  • Equippable with various accessories for enhanced lethality.


  • Semi-automatic sniper rifle with high damage and 4x scope.
  • Slow rate of fire requires skill to control, compatible with accessories.


  • Considered the best assault rifle by many players.
  • High damage, all accessories compatible, but lower rate of fire.
  • Obtained through AirDrops and supplies.


  • Dangerous and feared rifle with high damage, range, precision, and movement speed.
  • Low rate of fire and magazine capacity, compatible with most accessories.


  • Widely used and beginner-friendly rifle.
  • Effective at medium distance, noise generation and long-range issues can be mitigated with accessories.

💥 XM8

  • Ideal for medium-distance confrontations with a 2x scope for acceptable precision.
  • High damage and firing speed, not recommended for long-range encounters.

🎮 Submachine Guns (SMG)

  • Suitable for short and medium distances, featuring a good rate of fire but limited range.
  • Use SMG bullets, less common than AR bullets, often chosen as secondary weapons.

💥 P90

  • Effective at short and medium distances with a 50-bullet magazine.
  • Low accuracy and range, inefficient at long range.
  • Accessories limited to magazine and scope.

💥 MP40

  • Fast rate of fire, highly effective at close range.
  • Stable weapon with a small 20-bullet magazine.
  • Improved with a better magazine.


  • Ideal for new users, easy to handle with high speed.
  • Limited precision and range, most accessories applicable except the stock.


  • Similar to UMP but with greater precision.
  • Weaknesses in long-distance encounters and firepower.
  • Applicable accessories exclude the cylinder head.


  • Effective sniper rifle at medium ranges with good precision and a built-in silencer.
  • Disadvantages include rate of fire and stability, less efficient at short range.


  • Capable of high damage with balanced characteristics, including precision and range.
  • Limited magazine capacity (20 bullets), improved with a better magazine and stock.


  • Recently included with a good rate of fire, suitable for short-range combat.
  • Precision is a weakness, accessories include muzzle and stock.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each submachine gun allows players to make informed decisions based on their preferred playstyle and the specific demands of combat situations in Free Fire.

💥Rocket Launcher (40mm)

  • Most dangerous weapons, capable of causing high damage.
  • Use 40mm bullets, which are scarce in the game.


  • High damage with few disadvantages.
  • Exclusive use for special events.


  • Good firepower and excellent precision.
  • Obtained in AirDrops.
  • Magazine holds one bullet, requires constant reloading.
  • No accessories can be equipped.

💥Shotguns (SG)

  • Ideal for close-range confrontations with high damage.
  • Require SG bullets found in various locations on the map.


  • High firepower and good precision.
  • Ideal for closed spaces.
  • Magazine capacity: 2 bullets.
  • No accessories can be attached.


  • High damage, effective only at close range.
  • Only accessory: charger.

💥 M1014

  • Widely used shotgun with good damage, rate of fire, and range.
  • Cannot be equipped with accessories.

🎮Pistols (HG)

  • Short-range weapons with limited power.
  • Used primarily at the start of the game.
  • Use HG bullets, less common to find.


  • Built-in x2 scope, good range, and reloading speed.
  • Ineffective at close range, magazine capacity: 5 bullets.
  • Accessories: silencer and pistol muzzle.


  • Weakest gun, available in multiple places.
  • Good reload speed.
  • Accessories: silencer, muzzle, and magazine.


  • Excellent power, limited movement speed, and magazine.
  • Only accessory: charger.


  • One of the best guns, available in Squad Duel mode.
  • High damage and mobility.
  • Accessories: silencer and pistol muzzle.

💥Healing Gun

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  • Used for healing teammates in duos and squads.
  • Generates noise, not useful on the battlefield.
  • No accessories can be attached.

💥Heavy Pistol (Mini m79)

  • Grenade launcher with high firepower and movement speed.
  • Low range and accuracy.
  • No accessories available.

💥Ice Gun

  • Launches walls of ice, no damage to enemies.
  • Accessories: silencer and pistol muzzle.

💥Hook Gun

  • Allows quick movement to avoid enemies.
  • Useful in certain situations, especially in high places.

🎮Sniper Rifles (AWM)

  • Most effective at long range, challenging at short or medium range.
  • Require AWM bullets, less common to find.


  • Includes a 4x scope, lethal at long range with low rate of fire.
  • Accessories: silencer and pistol muzzle.


  • Possibly the best sniper rifle, high damage, and good range.
  • Obtained through AirDrops or supplies.

🎮Light Machine Gun (LMG)

  • Similar to assault rifles, require AR bullets, cause high damage.
  • Tend to be unstable, challenging for long-range combat.


  • Generates high damage with good range, but very unstable.
  • Obtained through AirDrops, not compatible with accessories.

💥Gatling Gun

  • Fearful weapon, high damage, and 1,200 bullets capacity.
  • Available at special events, heavy, limits mobility.
  • No accessories available.


  • Refers to weapons shooting arrows; currently, only the crossbow is available.


  • Precise weapon with high damage, slow reload, and rate of fire.
  • No accessories available.

⚔️Melee Weapons

Not commonly used for damage but can be useful in specific situations.

💥 Bat

  • Basic melee weapon, useful in early-game situations.

💥Frying Pan

  • Allows character protection, useful in the early game.


  • Fast with good movement speed, offers protection from attacks.


  • Possibly the best melee weapon, fast, good range, and high damage.

🎮Special weapons with unique characteristics.

💥Plasma Gun

High damage, low recoil, doesn’t require normal ammunition. Overheats after prolonged use.

Success in Free Fire involves using the best weapons and knowing how to use them.